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Peace…is it the duke?

Magazine World Literary Art Impressions ISSN 2971- 9267, ISSN-L 2971- 9267

Tears and blood invade

The land soaked in hate.

Chaos. Pandemics. What’s next?

The recipe for the bread with fennel?

Peace, on sick leave,

Look, kind of helpless,

From a mundane little dictionary,

To the lady carrying a scythe.

It’s the rattling of weapons one

Trend. Are the heavyweights of the planet laughing at us?

Our destiny is… cannon fodder!

Hear us: We don’t want war!

History hangs on a nail,

And the antithesis falters

In words said, so, hey-hoo.

Peace, stuck in a window,

Sigh, cry, it’s on the duke.

Freedom resurrected

Breathing hard, on walnut shells.

Is humanity doomed?

Author Pop Dorina


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On our beautiful Earth

Magazine World Literary Art Impressions ISSN 2971- 9267, ISSN-L 2971- 9267

Author Aurelia Albatros

When the time
it will arrive in the right shape
in which the terror
and indecency will be closed,
where there is no more pain and evil,
peace laughs in liberated hearts
on our beautiful land,
colors rich in flower souls
a song that comforts life
sensitive people, without discrimination,
grudge and revenge,
human attacks without measure,
replacing negative thoughts,
peace will be everywhere.

With love, patience and respect,
dreams bloom
and thoughts beautify life,
through an untouched aura between heaven and earth
we will sow the seeds of love
that peace be everywhere,
because life must be lived in peace and love.

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