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Surreal flash #poem

Worlds of Words

Impeccable silk walking through the carbon cars

aligned in static red

at traffic lights,

Chekhovian silhouette veiled in a cream-colored-blouse,

a seagull’s flight over the cities’ web of wires

and withered flowers offered for a coin.

A surreal flash dove through my trembled flesh.

How could I know you hid

under her furrowed skin

the teeth unseen

deep in her voice

her spoken words

your love for me?

How could I know you would disguise

inside the beggar’s eyes?

I was just waiting for a change in light.

P.S. Forgotten, this poem remained for about four months when this story happened for real. That woman thanked me for buying her bouquet adding these words: ‘May you be loved by people as you are loved by God.’

I will never forget this exceptional experience of my life, nor its impact on the state of mind.

Featured image from Pixabay

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