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A little present for Mihai Cotea

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In this part of the world today, the 8th of November, we celebrate people who bear the names of the two archangels, Michael and Gabriel. The name-day celebration it’s a common tradition here. Archangel Michael, the one that fights and wins against the evil, that brings the light of truth, the divine justice with his sword of light is connected with Archangel Gabriel, the delicate messenger of God which is portrayed holding a white lily in his hand and who invites to acceptance, humbleness and peace. A very balanced day, we might think, the day when war and peace are One.

Thinking of presents for my friends named Mihai or Mihail, Mihaela, Gabriel and Gabriela, I realized I could afford some, at least for two or three of them.

Mihai Cotea, a young and published Romanian novelist (three books up till now, another one on its way) is…

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